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Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe is the authorized Zimbabwe representative of the Internal Control Institute. Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe, which has been established by professionals working in the field of internal control for many years, operates with the aim of gaining importance of the internal control profession in our country, establishing the internal control systems with the most accurate models and methods and spreading internal control in our institutions.


Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe is authorized to provide all of the certification, training and consultancy services offered by ICI in Zimbabwe and the Institute offers a wide and deep knowledge base of internal control to the Zimbabwe companies, non-governmental organizations and public administrations through internal control professionals.


ICI, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA, is the worldwide authority and information center of the internal audit profession. Since October, 2016, IRC Independent Risk Management and Internal Audit Services Inc. Is represented in Zimbabwe as a licensor. All professional information and documents produced by ICI have been made available to Zimbabwe professionals and companies in Zimbabwe.


As Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe, we aim to disseminate the principles, principles, methods and tools that ICI has established in the framework of the Common Body Of Knowledge, which are valid all over the world, through trainings, conferences, seminars, publications, certification processes, consultancy and guidance activities.


In this context, we continue our activities with great enthusiasm and motivation in the direction of ICI's support with the aim of ensuring that internal control is properly interpreted, properly implemented and managed properly within the management systems of all private sector and public administrations.


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