The Internal Control Institute Zimbabwe™ (ICIZ) was the first such organization, in Zimbabwe, specifically organized with the expressed purpose of concentrating on and establishing the internal control profession. The process of establishing ICIZ began years ago. Preparation for its professional certification programs provides individuals with the knowledge and expertise to detect and avoid such infractions in organizations.

The Internal Control Institute Zimbabwe is an international professional association with its global headquarters in Orlando, Florida USA. Members share some internal control responsibility but come from all areas of an organization including board members, operations management, risk management, governance, information technology, audit, security and many others. t is guided by an experienced Board of Advisors of active subject matter experts who monitor and often author the many programs provided by the Institute. The Institute has its single purpose devoted to exclusively improving internal control and corporate governance internationally. ICIZ provides internal control methods, internal control guidelines, processes and world-class internal control tools for organizations. ICIZ’s unique products include: • Quantitative assessment tool providing a numerical score indicating the performance of the Board of Directors, the auditors, and executive management. • Quantitative assessment tool for providing a numerical score indicating the effectiveness of a corporation’s system of internal controls. (only one of its kind) • Risk-based internal control implementation. • Membership program focusing on sharing “best control practices” for internal control and corporate governance. • Internationally accepted professional Certification programs in internal control • Internal Control Best Practices/Processes Library

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