Application for CICS Certification Exam


Implementing the First Application

A completed Certification Candidate Application must be submitted for entry as a candidate for CICS certification. The Certification Board recommends that you submit your application if you have the following conditions.


  • If you are providing all the prerequisites for nomination,
  • If you agree to the Ethics Code,
  • If you have current experience with the field,
  • If you have enough experience and experience to learn all the bases of CBOK,
  • We are prepared to take the certification exam and are ready to take the test.
  • The following people are not recommended to apply for the certification exam:
  • If all the above conditions are not met,
  • Those who have never worked in the field of internal control,
  • Those who have only limited duties on certification matters,
  • They are interested in determining whether this certification program has entered their area of ​​interest.








Candidates for certification based on limited experience or on very few or specific study materials often can not successfully obtain certification. Most of them even leave without entering. The fees paid by the applicant for the application can not be refunded. For this reason, you should not apply without making sure that your workplace and past experience are preparing you for the exam process.


All application forms and required fees must be submitted to the Certification Board prior to the exam date. The applicant must sign the application form indicating that he / she agrees to support and comply with the Code of Ethics. If the applications are incomplete or incorrect, or if the application fees have not been paid, the applications will not be processed. It is solely the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the necessary application documents are delivered on time and in sequence.


When submitting an application, please wait two weeks to process it. In the meantime, there is no need to contact the administrative office to check the status of the application. In fact, to protect the integrity of the exam and certification processes, all correspondence regarding certification policies and procedures should be written using email, fax or postal services. Information obtained through telephone interviews with the governing body will be evaluated as non-official.



Correction of Application Errors


The completeness and accuracy of the applications, documentation or payment is the responsibility of the applicant. Missing or incorrect documents are returned to the applicant for correction and re-delivery. Common mistakes that require an appeal to the applicant are as follows:

  • Missing required information
  • Using the wrong form
  • Incomplete or invalid payment
  • Unable to read required part of application
  • Not signing
  • The applicant is late enough to be processed for the selected exam

Once corrected, the materials will be re-sent.



Making Application Modifications


It is critical for candidates to report changes in candidacy applications and keep their program records up-to-date. Candidates whose surnames change due to marriage or divorce, who change their residence or employment status during the certification candidacy, should inform the certification manager with the Registrar Form. This information is the responsibility of the candidate.



Re-submission of application


Candidates who have failed the examination but fail can repeat the examination up to two more times. It is compulsory to submit a written re-examination application for each new examination request. As with the first application, the application and related fees to be rescheduled must be submitted to the Certification Board before the selected exam date.


Application Process Document


Information about the application process can be found by clicking here .

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