1. Certified Internal Control Professional (CICP)


CICP certification has been implemented by the ICI Certification Advisory Board to identify internal control practitioners who have gained significant practice experience in the profession. Professionals with CICP certification will certify that they have a high level of expertise and expertise in the areas of internal control and corporate governance. In order to obtain a CICP professional title, it is necessary to provide a reference letter showing the professional experience of the persons.



In order to be a CICP holder, the following conditions must be met:














Competency in Global Internal Control Professional Knowledge Base (CBOK)


  • The applicant CBOK must be certified to have 6 per cent of the 8 identified competencies. One of these competencies (internal control design) must be mandatory for acceptance for the work experience requirement
  • The previously acquired CICS Certification is accepted as a 4-year work experience and 8 years work experience in internal control design and / or evaluation with CICS is considered sufficient


Reference Letter


The applicant is required to submit a reference letter approved by a supervisor or a CICS / Internal Control Professional (CICP) that can certify work experience in designing and / or evaluating internal control.




2. Conditions to be certified in my work experience


Work experience documents of CICSP candidates will be assessed within the following competency areas identified by the CBOK.


  • Internal Control Concepts
  • Internal Control Environment
  • Risk Management (Risk Management)
  • Assessing Application Controls
  • Business System Control Assessment (Business System Control Assessment)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Internal Control Measurements and Reporting (Internal Control Measurements and Reporting)
  • Governance Practice

Training and / or experience


  • 12 years work experience in internal control design and / or evaluation
  • 4 years of undergraduate degree, 5 years of graduate degree, 8 years of doctoral degree experience are accepted instead of accounting, business, industrial engineering and balanced areas. 8 years of experience in internal control design and / or evaluation, 7 for master's degree graduates, 4 years for doctoral degree graduates are considered acceptable if the educational status is documented in the relevant fields

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