About Certification Programs


The ICI-administered Internal Control Certification has been approved as a worldwide standard for internal control professionals. Certification is an important step in the certification of professional knowledge and skills. Certification defines a person as a leader in a field and gives the island a reputation among its professional surroundings and its executives. CICS and CICP programs certify professional competence and establish standards for continuous professional development (CPE).


The minimum information framework that candidates should have regarding CICS and CICP programs is determined by the CBOK. CBOK has basic principles for the training of the Internal Control Experts and the provision of continuous professional development in carrying out the nature of a knowledge base on the training of professional professionals in terms of internal control discipline.


ICI certification programs;

  1. In order to identify skills and competencies associated with internal control tasks in order to assess their skills,
  2. In order to reveal the willingness of the person to progress professionally,
  3. To achieve an acceptable standard for professional competence,
  4. To provide support for the selection and development of qualified persons to organizations,
  5. To motivate personnel with internal control responsibilities to maintain their professional competence,
  6. People, institutions of internal control system helps provide support in the development and advancement.

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