SME Owners


Does your internal control system protect you from fraudulent transactions, losses, fugitives, legal actions? Do you have sufficient assurance in this regard?


  • Are you familiar with the benefits that the internal control system will provide to your SME?
  • Are you adequately guarded against abuse and fraudulent operations?
  • Are your company's managers and staff aware of their duties and responsibilities in internal control?
  • Do you manage your risks well? Do you know how important risk management is in the new era?



As the Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe, we can help you in many ways:


  • We consider your internal controls to be an expert eye from outside, and we will help you implement actions that will remove the weaknesses.
  • We can give seminars to the managers and staff about the internal control system and the importance.
  • We provide you with the ability to design and implement internal control systems and processes that will help you identify possible fraudulent transactions and abuses and make it more difficult to implement.
  • We will help you in your areas of corporate governance, corporate governance, internal control, risk management and internal audit as your reliable management consultant.
  • With the right software solutions, we can translate your internal control and risk management practices into a live, up-to-date, usable, and profitable management system for you.

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