Internal Control Unit Managers


Do you know that your organization has very important tools and methods in place to create an internal control system in line with effective and best practice? Would you like to contribute to your organization with the tools and techniques related to the design, implementation and monitoring of internal control?


  • Would you like to ensure that your internal control unit optimizes your company's internal controls and that it has the necessary competencies to operate the internal control processes in a healthy manner?
  • Would you like to have a system as an internal control, a system in which the internal controls of the organization will function in a healthy way, be productive and provide the necessary assessments and reporting to support business goals?
  • Do you know what you need to do to get rid of your internal control deficiencies? Do you have an internal control action plan?
  • Have you made a plan for the trainers who work in our department to get healthy, correct and increase their competencies? Would you like to know what kind of certifications your staff should have in their professional development?



As the Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe, we can help you in many ways:


  • We can provide training and consulting support for your internal control system for your organizational and cultural creation.
  • We can direct your internal control specialists to the certification process, improve your competencies by earning certification by providing professional guidance.
  • We can present internal control awareness presentations to your organization's top management in your name.
  • We analyze and evaluate your current internal control and risk management systems and processes, identify areas of improvement, and develop an action plan.
  • We can gain competence with your internal control team by evaluating internal controls and applying workshop activities related to designing control activities.
  • With our internal control library, we can enhance the knowledge and competence in relation to the control activities of your internal control team.
  • With the right software solutions, we can translate your internal control and risk management practices into a live, up-to-date, usable, and profitable management system for you.

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