Continuous Professional Development

It is generally accepted that a minimum of 40 hours of continuing vocational training per year is required to protect your skills competence in most professions. There are many ways to get this training, such as participation in vocational seminars and conferences, on-the-job training, participation in professional meetings, participation in e-learning courses and participation in professional union meetings.


It is useful to create an annual plan to improve your personal competences. Continuous vocational training for 40 hours per year ensures that you get your CICS title again, but it does not improve your competencies. For example, if you attend a 3-day seminar, you can receive a 24-hour CPE credit, but you are not yet proficient in the seminar and will not contribute to your personal abilities.


The Global Internal Control Vocational Knowledge Base (CBOK) for CICS should be a key guide in the development of your personal competences.

Special Trainings for Institutions


As the Internal Control Institute of Zimbabwe, we are designing special training solutions for your institution's needs.


Our expert consultant team and your institutional authorities determine the training needs of your institution on the basis of the interviews they have made and we prepare the most suitable training program for your institution. We plan all the details such as place of education, date, number of participants, participant profile, etc. again with the solutions of your institution with the needs and requirements.


You can increase the contribution of your managers and staff to your corporate goals and your corporate development with the knowledge and skills to be gained in the field of corporate governance.


Please contact us for detailed information on special service packages and institutional benefits to be offered to your institution.

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